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Procedure when buying a flat

Verbal reservation: After a client decides to purchase a flat we will reserve the flat selected by the client for 48 hours.
Reservation Agreement: Within 48 hours from the verbal reservation the purchasing party concludes a Reservation Agreement with the selling party, valid until 31.1. 2017, and the purchasing party paid reservation deposit of 10% of the purchase price.
Preliminary Purchase Contract: After registering the owner’s declaration the purchasing party concludes a Preliminary Purchase Agreement with the selling party, valid until 31.5. 2017. It will be possible to sign the Purchase Agreement earlier when called upon by the selling party. The purchasing party will pay a second deposit in the amount of 10% of the purchase price within 30.9.2016.
Purchase Agreement: Before the validity of the Preliminary Purchase Agreement expires, the purchasing party and selling party conclude the Purchase Agreement.
Handover of flat: You can expect the flat to be handed in 5/2017.
Information for foreign clients: I am a foreigner from a non-EU country. Is it possible to purchase a flat in the Czech Republic as a foreign person or is it necessary to establish a company? There are no longer any limitations when purchasing flat for clients from outside of the EU. Thus these clients can also currently purchase a flat as a private individual.
Financing - Thanks to the long-standing close cooperation with Hypoteční banka, a leading banking institution in the Czech Republic, we are able to offer all our clients better mortgage interest rates for financing the purchase of a flat in the Rezidence U Dvou Sov project. A guaranteed alternative offer for the sale of flats in the Rezidence U Dvou Sob project is provided by Pražská správa nemovitostí, spol. s r.o. and Hypoteční banka.
The basic option offers you:
FREE preparation of mortgage loan
FREE preparation of estimate of mortgaged property
LOWER interest rate by 0.35%
Other options offer you a combination of discounts from fees and interest rate discounts.
The possibility of extraordinary payments of up to 70% of the loan collateral value without a penalty.
All you need in order to set up the mortgage loan is to document your income.
Pražská správa nemovitostí, spol. s r.o. provides the following services FREE OF CHARGE: All the documents required for setting up the loan (with the exception of the confirmation of the income from employment). The registration of the title and the right of lien at the relevant Land Registry Office.
Legal and notarial services connected with the preparation of the contract documents.
PSN’s loan consultant Lukáš Záhrubský can provide you with more information: +420 606 022 160 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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